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“Are you tired of gaining back the weight you lost?”


With Change is Possible membership, you get proven strategies to overcome the mental obstacles to permanent weight loss. How you ever started a weight loss program, done well for a few weeks, but then “something” happens to make you lose focus? You lose your motivation. You may even sabotage yourself and don’t know why. Unfortunately, most weight loss programs focus only on the outside – diet and exercise. So they only work temporarily. But for lasting change, the real battle is within – in our thoughts. Since the Bible says that renewing our mind transforms us, doesn’t it make sense that renewing our minds is also needed for permanent weight loss? That is where the Change is Possible program comes in.

When you’re READY schedule your FREE wellness consultation.Your Solution: Change is Possible: A Biblical Approach to Losing Weight

Our thoughts and emotions often stand in the way of permanent weight loss. Emotions like anxiety, excessive stress, lack of motivation, food obsession, and self-sabotage can sink any weight loss plan. However, when you become a Change is Possible program member, you gain confidence to win the battle within so you can achieve lasting results.


With Biblical keys to managing your thoughts God’s way, handling stress, and making peace with food, you’ll finally overcome these obstacles to reaching your ideal weight. Take your health back and enjoy your life more with Change is Possible!

Down 25lbs

As a Member You Can:

• Gain instant access to our Online Community to help you grow spiritually, heal emotionally and lose the weight
• Experience weekly One-on-One coaching with a certified Change is Possible Specialist
• Join a community of like-minded Christians who are losing weight and keeping it off for emotional support and motivation
• Get inspired with over 30 devotional messages for successful weight loss, managing stress God’s way and more
• Learn from the comfort and convenience of your own home and use with any computer, tablet, or mobile device

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What Our Members Say…
“For me being a part of Change is Possible isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about learning about nutrition, learning about fitness and how your body functions, and at my age that’s really important. I can do things today that I never dreamt possible, and that’s a testament to the program the mindset work and everything I’ve learned here.” Loretta M.

“My experience at CIP far exceeded any expectations I could have possibly imagined. My lack of self-confidence, self-doubt and anxiety were at an all-time high. I am having a whole new outlook on life physically, mentally and spiritually. I have a new found feeling of wholeness I have not had for a while. Going through Change is Possible is the best investment I made in myself.” Angela M.

“The program works. More importantly than being just a diet, it’s a holistic program that adds biblical principles, weight loss, and learning about nutrition. CIP affords you the opportunity and ability to make a behavioral change and develop a new lifestyle, and it doesn’t get much better than that.” Candice R.

“I appreciate the Change is Possible team’s genuine care for me and professional approach that helped me achieve my goals. I am healthier and more educated as a result of my CIP experience.” I would HIGHLY recommend CHANGE IS POSSIBLE to those who are ready to take back control of their lives and become more in tune with themselves.” Katie L.

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