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Personal Training

We are a hub for change and inspiration. We know that all change starts in the mind. First, we must make the decision to get fit and healthy, then we need the motivation, the commitment and the guidance to get great results.   Our personalized service provides world-class mindset coaching, expert personal training and exceptional support to help guarantee phenomenal results. Our true passion is helping people like you gain more energy and motivation so that you can be confident in who you are now and even more excited about who you are becoming!

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(12) Private Sessions – $150 weekly – BUY NOW

12-Week eCoaching

Whether the goals you have are physical or for your life, coaching can help you achieve them. Our coaches are all certified with rigorous training and accreditation. We utilize evidence-based coaching models and methodologies rooted in leadership studies, positive psychology, adult learning and change theories for both weight loss and professional coaching. We ensure that in every session with an CIP coach, you walk away closer to who you want to be and the life you want to lead. Our coaches offer an unbiased support system which empowers you to define your own vision of success and make tangible progress toward it. 

12 Week Weight Loss Program – $140 weekly – BUY NOW